Balmoral Owner’s Club (Page)

Owners Club

Pearl Level:           $999 per year at tier 1 with 30% off.

Sapphire Level:    $1999 per year for tier 2 with 40% off.

Ruby Level:           $2999 per year for tier 3 with 50% off.

Emerald Level:     $3999 per year for tier 4 with 60% off.

Diamond Level:   $4999 per year for tier 5 with 70% off.  

This is a limited time offer available to just 1000 customers.

Do you enjoy and cherish all things Scottish? Then this is your chance to say you are an owner of the only true Scottish restaurant in America. Balmoral. This is your opportunity to own a restaurant without the hassle of running it!

Balmoral’s Restaurant exclusive Owners Club Card is a great gift for those who love Scottish culture and fare.  You will receive a certificate that states “I am an owner of Balmoral Restaurant” for one year.

The certificate not only validates you as an owner, but you also get the benefit of 30%-70% off your meal every time you dine at Balmoral Restaurant!  Obviously, you will not be responsible for the running costs, decision making or anything involved with the operation. There are no blackout dates so you can use this at any time (subject to availability). This is a novelty gift and has no legal ownership. The card can only be used for food, and is valid for one year only. However, Balmoral’s Owners Club Card does ensure the best service, food and priority booking. The discount covers all who dine with you no matter the occasion or size of your party!

For the person who wants a little piece of Scotland in America, this is the perfect gift! Owners Club pricing starts at just $999.

If you frequently dine at Balmoral Restaurant, our exclusive Owners Club Card represents a great value.  The more you dine, the more you save.

Become an owner today! Contact me directly to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

-Colin Smith

Call: (331) 901-5224 (ask for Colin)