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Father's Day Menu

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Sunday, June 16

$99 Adults (12 and Over)        $66 Children (Under 12)

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COURSE 1 (Choose one)

Blantyre Chicken Liver Mousse
Our fine selected chicken livers blended with herbs, cream and our whisky. Then sealed with our clarified butter and a sweet orange marmalade on top. This is excellent for taste and flavour far beyond what you imagine.Served with crisp toast.

The True Scotch Egg
A soft large chicken egg with our homemade pork banger sausage. Coated with fresh breadcrumbs, then deep fried till golden brown. Served on a potato nest with our traditional HP brown sauce and Poacher’s Pickle. The best you will ever taste.

Ardrossan Hot Smoked Finnan Haddock Dip
Wood-smoked haddock flakes in our warmed, savory, creamy cheese sauce, served with crisp toast. This is outstanding for flavour. Enjoy.

Isle of Mull Chilled Shrimp, Watermelon and Goats Cheese
Our rounds of watermelon with goat’s cheese, topped with succulent shrimp dripping with heather honey, crisp frizzle lettuce and balsamic vinegar.nFantastic flavour combination.

Glasgow’s Garlic Mushrooms
White button mushrooms cooked with butter in a cream and garlic sauce, with a hint of black truffle oil, served with toasted garlic buttered baguette. Nay kissing tonight fur you got garlic breath.

Scotland’s Fat Bastard’s Belly of Pork
Succulent pork belly slices marinated for over 24 hours, then served with our sweet black cherry sauce and warmed enough to release the flavour’s. Git in ma belly.


COURSE 2 (Choose one)

Highlander’s Cock-a-Leekie Soup (cup)
For over two hundred years this has been served in Scotland. Leeks, onion, potatoes, fresh herbs, then slow-braised chicken with a sweet prune.

Yer Granny’s Green Pea & Ham Soup (cup)
Creamed green peas in a ham bone stock finished with lean, sliced ham. Thick and tasty, amazing. Ask your father or Mother if they remember this soup. 

Ye Auld Cullen Skink (cup)
Lightly smoked haddock, potatoes and onions, finished with fresh cream. A flavour taste as old as history, from the first time the British came to America.But the Scottish made this first. The precursor to America’s clam chowder.

House Mixed Salad
Everything we have that is green, with the red and yellow peppers, plus pickled red onion, and heirloom tomatoes.

Chieftain’s Caesar Salad
Crisp Romaine lettuce with anchovies, shaved parmesan cheese and crushed bread points with our special Caesar dressing. Stunning in taste from the original recipe. not Scottish but we loved this as the romans left us with something tasty.

Farmer’s Goats Cheese Salad
A blend of crisp lettuces plus green beans, pickled red onions, cucumber and heirloom tomatoes, then added are dried cranberries, walnuts, mandarin orange and barnyard goats cheese crumbles.


COURSE 3 (Choose one)
All entrees are served with our Chef’s choice of two vegetables and two potatoes.

Campsie Glen Chicken
Smoked bacon with chicken breast and Stilton blue cheese sauce, at all the eleven restaurants I have had, every time I put this on the menu, it became the best seller.

Ben Nevis Chili and Honey Grilled Salmon
Nice. Heather honey sweet, with a green chili bite. A wonderful way to taste salmon with a twist. The salmon lover’s favourite. You will notice the difference on how the Scottish prepare salmon to bring out its taste.

Young Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Beef Wellington
You know Charlie, the rightful King of Scotland. When there was an allegiance with France and Scotland against the English, this was another of his favourite meals while in France. Tender fillet steak cooked medium rare, with seasoned, sherry-soaked mushrooms encased with puff pastry. After baking, it is finished with a surrounding rich red wine sauce. Our Bonnie Prince loved this.  Dine like our Scottish King.

Queen Elizabeth’s Pork Chop
A 16oz bone-in pork chop topped with a sweet brown mustard sauce and bacon apple and brandy chutney. Wow.  An amazing flavour for pork, juicy and tender meat.

Manor House Duck
From the Lord’s duck pond, it is tender, slowly cooked in its own fat, with herbs and aromatics, then drizzled with a golden maple citrus glaze. Does not get any better than this.

Roast Prime of Beef
Served with a highland herb pudding and rich brown gravy.

Dumfries Stuffed Red Pepper
Whole red pepper, stuffed with long-grain, pan-fried rice with onion, celery, zucchini, carrot, cilantro, and jalapeño. Then baked in the oven with our cheddar cheese sauce. Sounds simple to cook. but it is not. However, tastes fantastic.

Ayrshires Braised Lamb Shank
A Scottish lamb dish for our Kings and Queens. This form of braising goes back to when only a few ingredients were available. Carrots, onions and leeks, with wild herbs for taste, plus lots of time as it slowly braises. Enjoy our past.



Everyone gets course four.
A Trio of Desserts.
Millionaire Shortbread, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Strawberry Meringue.