Balmoral Seniors Day 2024


As we head into the season of family celebrations and making special memories, Balmoral Restaurant would like to announce our sixth Seniors Day! Our seniors are a vital part of our community and deserves a wonderful dining experience and Balmoral is here to give it to them. Our Seniors Day is about showing gratitude and appreciation for our Seniors being pillars of wisdom and strength.

That’s why this Balmoral decided to go big with a goal of feeding 1,000 seniors and their family members over four days – January 8, 9, 10 and 11! To accomplish this goal, we need your help. to give our elders an experience to remember! Show your appreciation for our senior community and donate on the behalf of a senior that is special to you.

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Reservations start Tuesday, January 2, at 2pm.

Here are some tips to booking your reservation for Balmoral Restaurant’s Seniors Day

-ONLY party of 6 or less. No large groups

-ONLY one reservation per call

-Complimentary to Seniors and their guests

 *Note: No email reservations, no voicemail reservations, no early reservations